iSAT Africa Rural Connectivity

Based on Proven Technology to Meet the African Market Needs

iSAT Africa provides End-to-end Rural connectivity solutions to Telecoms across Africa and beyond. The service includes Passive, Active, Power and Backhaul solutions.

This is a complete Managed service including connectivity to MNO MSC.

Mobile Net Operators today find it unprofitable to service the various Rural areas across Africa due to the lower ARPU’s such places offers. Challenges such as unreliable power, backhaul, expensive passive components in addition to high expenditure.

Our Rural GSM solution enables Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to reach out to markets or communities that are hitherto beyond their traditional Network coverage whereby the MNO Business Plan is unable to cover profitably.

With iSAT Africa’s unique Rural solution, it provides the MNO with the opportunity to have all the Passive, Active, Backhaul and Power taken care of under a single services provider.

Our Rural GSM solution comes complete with end-to-end Managed services.



  • Lack of reliable power source
  • Lack of reliable backhaul

Business case

  • High capital expenditure
  • Macro Cell, Shelter, AirCon, Diesel Generator and Tower
  • High operational expenditure
  • Power, fuel and dedicated satellite backhaul


Optimal Utilization of Resources

  • Renewable energy – Solar
  • Low maintenance
  • Satellite provision by iSAT on retainer-ship basis
  • Other equipment on rental basis
  • Distribution via local network providers

High Performance

  • High Transmission power
  • Wide coverage
  • IP and TDM traffic
  • Diameter & CAMEL-ready for prepaid
  • Real-time charging protocols
  • Local switching for customer
  • Experience and bandwidth optimization.

Customization & Wind Tolerance

  • Network providers are free to create their tariff cards
  • Increased connectivity even during times of distress – power cut, winds, etc.

Hassle-free Deployments

  • No heavy equipment needed to install, nor shelter to protect it.
  • Hand-carried, tower-mounted base station
  • Direct connection of antennas to the unit -external RF components not required
  • Easy to connect to any IP-based satellite backhaul

Low Cost

  • Low power consumption – Solar power
  • No power or fuel bill
  • Low satellite bandwidth cost
  • On-demand, optimized compression
  • Light weight – Low cost pole
  • Local switching for customer
  • Fully outdoor – No shelter/AC required
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