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In our Managed Services we deliver more than telecom and its related services. We offer peace of mind, where we bundle the complete services into a single package that ensures great services and savings to our clients. It’s quite common to outsource the non-core activities in every industry so that Organization can focus on its core activities. This applies very much in Telecom industry where a Mobile/Telecom company likes to focus on subscribers’ management and its core infrastructure.

Satellite backhaul connectivity is based on technology and functions that are quite different from a Telecom company using GSM/3G/LTE technology. iSAT Africa offers a complete managed service in this domain using best technology, skillset and resources to offer TCO for a service that helps a Telecom company to build a business model with expected margins and avoid any hidden charges.

Cost for Service not for different Resources:

It is very common in Telecom industry to buy different components like satellite space segment, platform and RF components separately.

This makes customer not to have single cost for service i.e. megabit of capacity. Also cost varies a lot with technology and resources we select.

iSAT Africa offers a single price for service i.e. per megabit than resources separately and keep full responsibility of delivering services as per agreed SLA.


A Fully Managed Service with total cost of ownership and avoid any hidden charges in shape of spares, support, licenses etc. to offer great saving.

Skill Set and Human resources:

Telecom company does not have to worry for special skill of non-core activity and gives saving on total Human resource cost.

Complete End-to-end Service:

Services will be offered end to end covering all infrastructure, upgrades, remote maintenance etc.

Single Point of contact:

iSAT Africa will lead as single point of contact and this will avoid Telecom company to deal with many vendors and save on administrative overheads.

Everything within budget:

No CAPEX will be required under managed service during term of agreement and relieves financial burden on organization to keep budgeting for capex that is not directly improving revenue or profit.




Each year every organization needs to plan/budget/spend for Capex for services, management, maintenance and upgrade.

OPEX NOT Budgeted:

Many expenses during the year, that are not budgeted, do occur and are required for business continuity.

Multiple Vendors:

Organizations uses Multiple vendors to handle different parts of the VSAT Services including Maintenance and Support. This brings the challenge of coordination with multiple vendors. Results to over stretching of Resources.

KPI's and Reports:

To arrive at benchmark to get KPI’s as per Organization’s vision.


Getting, retaining and upgrading required skillset in team remains a challenge.

Managed Services includes

  • Satellite Space segment/ Teleport and other facilities.
  • Skillset to manage Hub/ Broadcasting
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Remote sites maintenance
  • Management and Warranty Support of All Equipment. Technical support escalation to manufacturer etc.
  • Upgrade of Satellite capacity at pre-agreed value.
  • Call center/ ticketing system
  • KPI’s monitoring and Management Reports

▹▹ A guaranteed program to save ▹ 30% operating expenses for customer.



Value added services

▹▹ Streamlining internal Processes and procedures to improve efficiency.
▹▹ Managed Security to offer protection against all cyber security threats, DDoS attack protection and advise for compliance.
▹▹ Direct Connectivity to Cloud Services like Azur, AWS for faster response and increased security.
▹▹ Managed WAN and Wi-Fi to better uptime, performance and security

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