Video/Broadcasting success today is determined by various factors including popular neighborhoods and reach of contents. The farther the reach in addition to popular and exciting channels determines the success rate.

iSAT Africa is the answer to your quest for wider coverage coupled with interesting, exciting and popular neighborhoods. We have exciting bouquets across our various offerings.

We provide you with the opportunity to reach to over 1.5m homes across Africa.

iSAT Africa is your answer to increasing your viewership in Sub Sahara Africa.

Three simple steps?
Sign collaboration agreement send your channel (Contribution)


Using Internet:

This requires special compression devices on both ends while Content can be pushed via good/reliable internet on both ends. This is applicable in counties or locations where other technologies like satellite or fiber cannot be used due to peculiar reasons.

Using Fibre:

iSAT Africa and its group companies have fiber infrastructure in all East African countries and this service can be offered at much cost-effective prices with better bandwidth required for higher resolution.

Via Satellite:

We recommend the use of Satellite only in locations where Fiber cannot serve required application. iSAT Africa will propose/use right satellite to deliver content after destination list is provided.



Video Neighborhood:

This is achieved by adding good number of channels in single satellite beam so that viewer gets multiple channels using a Dish/STB.

Build Bouquet:

Create bouquets by organizing channels from region for viewers to have good choices of content including News, Entertainment, Music, Religious etc.

Keep FTA:

Such Bouquet are normally FTA to avoid competition with Pay TV and also to avoid regulatory challenges that apply for Pay TV.

Redundancy and Quality:

This can be uplinked from more than single location to avoid downtime due to any disaster,

STB distribution:

Set Stop Boxes can be distributed by local shops, branded with channel name, installed by any local installers. ISAT can introduce big distributors who can bring required inventory if required.

Promotion by each member Channel:

Each channel will promote this service through their channel to spread awareness of availability of STB , Freq of transmission etc. For example, religious channel can pass details to their members during regular mass, news etc.


Reach viewers over OTT within a specific country and the worldwide.

Using Internet
Using Satellite

Once Bouquet is created, same content can be pushed to Internet.

iSAT can offer CDN and Processing Server as a Service Europe to start with and move CDN to East Africa.

Each subscriber will download App from Apple Store/Google play and view multiple channels world wide.

This will allow Channels to get new Subscriber world wide and will create new revenue stream for commercial ads than can be localized to that specific country.

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