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iSAT Africa Internet of Things (IoT), supporting enterprises that are moving to the edge so they can capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner.

With iSAT Africa as your IoT partner, you can take advantage of our broad portfolio of technology, solutions, and tools to facilitate more strategic decision-making, operational advancements, and industry-defining disruption.

Our systems integrators are flexible in working with legacy systems and integrating them with end-to-end solutions. Their vast knowledge of the IoT landscape and top players in the market empowers their decision-making process and produces a superior end result of a custom IoT project.

iSAT is a Unique IoT Company

iSAT Africa brings End to End solutions to enable and support your business needs and challenges.

10+ End to End IOT solutions for your business needs
Partnership with leading IOT Application providers
End to End IoT solutions from Design to Implementation
Single Stop Shop for 10+ propositions
iSAT IoT Connectivity Technologies
IoT System Integrator Services
Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to market-ready IoT products – Full Cycle Solutions
Market-ready products with certified devices

iSAT IOT Connectivity Technologies
  • iSAT SAT Connect
  • iSAT LORA Connect
  • iSAT SIM Connect
  • iSAT FIBRE Connect
iSAT SAT connect

18+ Years of Experience in Managing Satellite Connectivity across Platforms from 7 Hubs in AFRICA
Offering 100% coverage for your IoT Sites
Offer SLA based services over C Band, Ku & Ka Band Satellites
Partnering along with leading Satellite operator – Eutelsat
Satellite terminals as small as 0.65 meter
Competitive data plans

iSAT LORA connect
  • Offering LoRa device to Gateway integration services
  • >10000 devices connected over a single Gateway
  • End to End Managed Solution
  • Application Developers can build solutions without Dependency on connectivity
iSAT SIM connect

Global Sim Card with roaming agreement with all local Telecom Companies
SIM Connect offers Tariff based on Data Volume starting from 1MB onwards
Available Across Africa
SIM Connect offers Lowest Monthly Charges

iSAT FIBRE connect
  • Access speeds ranging from Ethernet -100Gig-E & E1 to STM64
  • Tier 2 carrier in East Africa with Single AS Number 37027
  • Core fiber Global backbone from London, US, Singapore, India, UAE
  • Core fiber Africa backbone from Zambia, DRC, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, South
  • Africa, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, Malawi

Power Management | ISP | Service Provider

Your Requirement

Managing the Telecom Tower infrastructure for parameters like
Power, UPS, Generators, Rectifiers, AC & DC Power, HVAC, Temperature, Humidity, Battery Charge, Fuel Level, Fuse Panels, Tower Lights etc
Cameras, RFID Access, Door and Motion Sensors
Centralized Control, Management, Analytics, Simulation, Operations and cost optimization
Current IT Infrastructure of 1000+ Telecom Towers without centralized control and reporting with need for automation

iSAT Africa Value Proposition

Exhaustive Telecom Power Management Solution
Centralized Control, management, Analytics, Simulation and operation
End to end managed Solution including consulting, design, system integration, implementation and management
The Solutions offers a Definite cost saving and ease of operations management


End to end management

  • Telecom Power Management
  • Remote Asset Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Data Center Management
  • Smart Meters – Water
  • Smart Meters – Electricity Grid
  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Livestock Monitoring
  • Automated Weather Stations
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