iSAT Africa - IPTV / DTH

IPTV Backhaul Solution

Although IPTV has inspired countless corporate applications, it is naturally suited to content delivery. By doing this, it can also become a producer and/or broadcaster of informative programs and entertaining programs for a select, qualified audience.

IPTV makes democratization of the communication media viable. When acquiring an IPTV channel, the client is free to produce and distribute any content he or she wishes, adapting it to different types of audience. In other words, IPTV is an open space for creation.

IPTV has provoked a true revolution in the concept on television by offering the viewer the power of interactivity. The convergence of video, internet and multimedia data exchange technology will move the viewer from a passive role to an active one.

The challenge remains to deliver the content from the studio to the IPTV distribution head-end. iSAT broadcasting solution over satellite can collect the content from the studio and uplink it over the satellite and deliver to the cable head-end over the satellite to be distributed over the cable IP network.

DTH Backhaul Solution

iSAT have the best means available with efficient and reliable backhauling services using ample satellite capacity at multiple orbital locations.

TV broadcasters instead of investing into high end costly equipment's require the cheaper means to feed their programs from their studios or uplink facilities for the initial transmission within the satellite TV bouquets to be delivered straight to DTH operator head-end.

Whether you require part-time or full-time transmission, you will get through iSAT a reliable satellite link and end to end backhaul broadcasting solution that can deliver the content wherever or whenever it is needed.

DTH Consumer Solution

Satellite DTH is a strong alternative to cable TV. It enables customers to receive large number of channels on a fairly economical basis. The other advantage is the availability of satellite broadcast in rural and semi-rural areas where cable is difficult to install.

If you are a DTH service provider or if you build DTH uplink systems, you know that the efficient use of the satellite capacity and the availability of the service are key elements to the success of your business.

iSAT offers the most advanced and reliable modulation solutions as well as has the fleet of high power satellites on the market which can deliver DVB as well as DVBS2 services. Our broadcast solutions are being used to deliver hundreds of DTH services worldwide. iSAT solution deliver the best performance in both DVB-S and DVB-S2, also enabling HDTV services at an acceptable cost.