iSAT Africa - E Learning

Studio for video broadcasting of the lectures and many remote classrooms

E-learning through iSAT VSAT network consists of a HUB station, which is a satellite earth station and a Studio for video broadcasting of the lectures and many remote classrooms. The iSAT HUB will interconnect the iSAT VSATs at various geographical locations establishing the communication link in C or in Ku bands. The Studio room consists of Control Server, Agent Server, AV Audio/Video) Streaming Server, Presentation Capture Server apart from other servers like Media Control Recording Server, Whiteboard Server, Text interaction Server, Live Voice Room Server, Private Voice Call server etc. The Control Server is at the heart of the E-learning through iSAT VSAT solution and it acts as a gateway to all remote classrooms. The remote virtual classroom is a receiving agent and must have registered students with computer systems and can connect over iSAT VSAT Solution. The advantages are - video and audio output of the lecturer/teacher, return audio and video from the student for a unique teacher-student interaction, option for displaying animated content during the live lecture with unique interactive tools for making the lecture livelier, text chat option for students to ask questions and to get reply, audio chat for teacher-student interaction through audio mode, option for the student to join or leave a particular lecture session, whiteboard option for the teacher/lecturer to write any content during the live presentation, option for the teacher/lecturer to surf for content from an online library which all students can view at the same time during the live presentation. iSAT VSAT network is easy to implement and is secure.

E-Learning through VSAT is convergence of technology, services and knowledge base. This provides a facility and framework for Tele-Education and enables the live classroom session to be broadcasted over the VSAT, WAN and Internet communication channels. It consists of a HUB station, which is a satellite earth station and a Studio for video broadcasting of the lectures. Apart from these, other related hardware and software are used to effectively deliver the contents across. The HUB will interconnect the VSATs all over the places where the colleges are present, establishing the communication link in Ku or C band. iSAT offer these solutions solution based on VSAT.

iSAT E-Learning Solution Advantages
There are a few key reasons to implement e-Learning or Virtual Learning through iSAT VSAT Solution:

  • iSAT VSAT technologies employing the latest DVBS2 KU Band and C band are better than many types of terrestrial leased line services in the light of corporations/institutions shifting to become more IP-centric and while continuing to support their legacy protocols.
  • The technical advancement in iSAT VSAT earth station equipment and iSAT higher-powered satellites have made VSAT communications extremely reliable (up to 99.9% or more) and capable of providing nearly error-free ( <10-7 BER or better) digital transmission throughout the entire network of remote sites.
  • iSAT VSAT network operates at speeds from a few Kbps to many Mbps - easily supporting any mix of voice, data, video or facsimile services that may be required, now or in the future.
  • iSAT VSAT networks are easy to install and operate and network expansion can be accomplished quickly and painlessly - additional iSAT VSAT earth stations (remote site terminals) can be added to the network at any time, virtually on a plug-and-play basis.
  • iSAT VSAT networks that are capable of supporting a wide variety of circuit connectivity's and protocol requirements, such as: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, broadcasting, unicasting, and multi-casting services over dedicated circuits, switched circuits, IP etc.
  • The potential cost savings and operational advantages of iSAT satellite communications over many types of leased terrestrial carrier services cannot be overemphasized.

How you start E Learning

University or Government Institutions or any NGO can set up a Communication Center cum Data Hub at the University campus or any at suitable location, from where the live lecture transmission would be done to Remote Centers (colleges) at various locations. The communication center is the nodal point for all the electronic transaction between the host (University) and agents (Remote colleges). For this, very powerful servers with redundancy are set up with complete software and network infrastructure. This Communication Center will have a studio with control room and various audio and video recording and editing equipment. The lecture transmission is carried out with the help of Software. The Communication Center or Studio room has the following Servers:

  • Control Server
  • Agent Server
  • AV (Audio/Video) Streaming Server

iSAT can offer services to setup and also provide the IP connectivity over VSAT required at the central location and interconnect any hybrid network as well as at the remote location to deliver the lectures over satellite.